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Plog Run


Students of Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER), Yelahanka, Bangalore participated in Plog Run conducted by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,Karnataka on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi and they picked plastic items on the road in Yelahanka.

World Heart Day 2018


On occasion of World Heart Day staff and students of Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research along with Manasa Trinity Heart Hospital organized a rally on September 29 with an intention to create awareness about the importance of living healthy for a healthy heart.
World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29 of every year. It is aimed at drawing people’s attention to heart illness and the range of associated health issues. The day is commemorated to promote different preventative steps and changes in lifestyle to avoid any cardiovascular diseases, like heart attack, stroke, heart failure and any other condition related to the same. Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer today. On average, more than 17 million people die from heart-related illnesses every year.

Personality Development Programme By Dr.Jagannath Rao


Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER), Yelahanka, Bangalore, organized a two–day personality development programme for students and staff. The programme was conducted at the institute’s indoor stadium on 14 and15 September 2018.Dr.Jagannath Rao, A leading parapsychologist & HRD trainer, was the speaker.Dr.B.A.Viswanath,Chairman,Aditya Group of Institutions graced the occasion.

The programme aimed at unlocking the students’ potential by creating self-awareness and improving inter-personal skills. Dr.Jagannath Rao elaborated on personality, passion, happiness and success. He focused on the elements constituting an individual’s personality like thoughts, actions, hobbies, habits, behavior, attitude, communication skills and body language. He stated that body language is primary in revealing an individual’s personality, and emphasized on the importance of developing one’s body language, along with attitude. He stressed on hard work, being passionate towards one’s profession, enjoying what one does – be it studies or work, as mantras for success. He encouraged the students to be focused and productive every day.

Dr.B.A.Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions succinctly summed up the programme, concluding that “Pharmacy” should be in the blood of students. He urged them to be passionate about their studies. He advised the students not to be swayed by emotions, but to be realistic. He wished everyone success in their career.

The staff & students appreciated the program, and said that they found it valuable, interesting and motivating.


Three Days Workshop on “Continuing Education Program for Pharmacy Teachers”


Staff of Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research attended three days workshop.
Title: Continuing Education Program for Pharmacy Teachers
Date: 6-8 September 2018
Organized by: Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy,Bengaluru
Speakers: Dr. Gururaj Karajagi ,Founder &Chairman, Academy for Creative Teaching ,Bengaluru
Dr.Sunil Chiplunkar,VP – Sales and Marketing at JLS division of JIPL, Bengaluru
Dr.R.V. Ranganath, Dean (Academics) Professor,BMS College of Engineering,Bengaluru
Dr. Divakar Goli Principal- ABMRCP Campus Director -Acharya Institutes, Bengaluru
Mr. Aswath Ramaiah, Unique consultant, Bengaluru
Sri. RB Gaddagi Math, Dean, Learning resources, AIT, Bengaluru
Topics:Power of Perception in Leadership and Values in Leadership.
Industry Expectations from Academics
Accreditation process and its importance
Academic Leadership
Management skills& Time management
Effective teaching & Learning strategies

Felicitation Ceremony


Dr.B.A.Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions who has been nominated as Senate Member of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka was felicitated by the teachers during the celebration of Teachers’ Day on 5 Sep 2018. Prof.C.R.Mahendra Setty, Professor, Nargund College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru graced the occasion as Chief Guest.

Teachers’ Day 2018


Aditya Bangalore Institute of Pharmacy Education and Research (ABIPER), Yelahanka, Bangalore celebrated Teachers’ Day at its indoor stadium on 5 Sep 2018.The Chief Guest, Prof.C.R.Mahendra Setty, Professor, Nargund College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru while delivering his thought-provoking speech recollected the contributions of Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the Former President of India whose birthday is being celebrated as Teachers’ Day and stressed on the importance of hard work, understanding the basics of education, multidisciplinary approach, taking up challenging tasks, analytical thinking and the importance of unity and whole heartedness in carrying out the noble profession as Pharmacists.
Dr.B.A.Viswanath, Chairman, Aditya Group of Institutions, Yelahanka, Bengaluru during his address to the large gathering of students and teachers expressed his gratitude towards his teachers and lauded the role being played by teachers in one’s life and such adorable role entices the students to respect their teachers throughout their life.
The celebration was followed by various cultural programs by the Students.

Indian Congress of Pharmacy Practice -2018 & 3 rd Convention of IACP


ABIPER staff members Dr. Kalyani and Dr.Anit James attended Indian Congress of Pharmacy Practice-2018 & 3rd Convention of the Indian Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (IACP) on 28th & 29th April, 2018 at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Hyderabad. The third convention with the theme of “Clinical Pharmacist:Advancing Pharmacy Practice and Patient Care”.President

Chief Guest
PCI,New Delhi

Campus Events